Cleaning Services






Internal Clean


Washing Up and Glassware polish Oven clean
Galley Clean Microwave clean
Disinfecting of all bins, ashtrays, ice drawers Cleaning, polishing and re-stowing of tables
Polishing of mirrors and high polish wood Cleaning of seats (general wipe over)
Cleaning of any overhead lockers Polishing of seat buckles
Disinfecting of toilet bowl and sink Spot removal from carpet
Brass/Chrome polish in toilet area  Vacuuming of aircraft, including cockpit seats
Watermark removal in toilet area Cleaning of stairs, entrance and hand-rails
General dusting, including inside of cabin windows Refuse removal



                                                  Internal Deep Clean


Cleaning inside all drawers, cupboards Stowage areas, Baggage bays
Washing and Polishing of all cutlery Crockery and glassware
Removal of out of date items (left on galley counter) Polishing of seat buckles
Washing down of sidewalls and headlining (leather only) Thorough cleaning of leather seats, cushions, frames



                                                     Carpet Cleaning 




                                                    External Cleaning


All external cleaning is carried out by hand using an Aviation Approved Degreaser.
We can either wash your aircraft in full or carry out a Post Flight Clean which normally involves Fly, dirt and grease removal from wheels, nose, leading edges, engine cowlings, APU exhaust area, under side (front and rear) and door area
Please note that Post Flight Cleans are charged by the hour and can therefore be to your specification based on your
requirement at the time
The extent of the external cleaning work we can carry out will always depend on downtime and ladder access. Avialogistics have scaffold towers and a hydraulic boom which can be used to clean aircraft outside (weather permitting) and we will always endeavour to clean your aircraft in full when possible. Full washes are guaranteed only if the aircraft is in a hangar (due to reasons of Airport Health and Safety)



                                                  Brightwork Polishing


Brightwork Polishing can be carried out either by hand or with the use of electric buffers depending on the preference of the Customer and whether the aircraft  is hangared.  In most cases, our team will look at the Brightwork upon arrival of the aircraft and advise the Customer of the most effective method



                                                         All other cleaning services can be provided upon request.